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How to Identify Indonesian & Other Asian Leafy Green Vegetables (Part 2)

In this blog, we feature some very Indonesian vegetables, including cassava leaves, papaya leaves, and sweet potato leaves.

How to Identify Indonesian & Other Asian Leafy Green Vegetables (Part 1)

We show you how to identify Asian green leafy vegetables that are commonly used in Indonesian cooking, as well as Thai and Chinese cuisine.

Dori Tauco Medan: Medan-Style Sliced Fried Dory in Preserved Soy Bean Sauce

A Medan-style fish dish of fried dory slices glazed in a sauce of preserved fermented soybeans, dark soy sauce, chillies, and tamarind paste.

Durian and 5 other strange tropical fruit

There are plenty of common tropical Southeast Asian fruits that haven’t gotten the attention of the outside world the same way the durian has.

Bistik Daging Kambing: Lamb ‘Steak’, or Soy Sauce Lamb

Bistik is an Indonesian adaptation of ‘beef steak’, made by braising meat in a soy sauce gravy that’s later reduced to form a thick sauce.

Coconut and Turmeric Grilled Chicken

Simple grilled chicken - the marinade consists largely of coconut milk and turmeric. The chicken is cooked in sauce and then grilled.

A Brief History of Tempeh

Tempeh has gained global popularity, especially with vegans. But when was it invented, and how did it come to be such an important staple?

Ikan Goreng: Deep Fried Fish

Ikan goreng is a common way of cooking fish in the Malay Archipelago. Fish steaks are marinated in spices, then deep-fried in very hot oil.

Okra Balado: Stir-Fried Okra in Chilli Tomato Sauce (Vegan)

An adaptation of the traditional dishes from the Padang region. Combines the crunch of okra with the spicy, punchy taste of sambal balado.

Thai food vs Indonesian food: What’s the difference?

We explore how cooking methods, combinations of ingredients, and specific spices lend very different flavours to Thai and Indonesian cuisines.

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