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Iga Bumbu Bali: Beef Ribs with ‘Balinese’ seasoning

Iga bumbu Bali is a fascinating Javanese interpretation of Balinese food: beef ribs cooked with fresh herbs and spices.

Sayur Oyong: Luffa Gourd Soup

A light, clear luffa gourd soup — typical of Indonesian home cooking. Gourd is cooked with cellophane noodles, garlic, and mushroom bouillon.

Paru Goreng: Deep Fried Beef Lungs

Some people might find organs peculiar and gross, which is why I was a little hesitant to feature organ recipes. But Deyana encouraged me...

Terik Campur: Thick Coconut Stew with Beef, Eggs & Tofu

Terik is a traditional dish, especially popular in East and Central Java. This delicacy is made with chicken, beef, egg, tofu or tempeh. Sometimes...

Sambal Goreng Ati: Beef Liver with Potatoes & Snow Peas

Sambal goreng ati is a dish made of two main ingredients: beef liver and potatoes. It usually containts an additional vegetable, usually snow peas...

Iga Bakar Madu: Indonesian Honey BBQ Beef Ribs

Iga bakar madu, or grilled beef ribs in honey sauce.....mmmmm....just thinking of it makes me drool. I’m imagining tender, tasty ribs, sizzling on my...

Tengkleng: Solonese Mutton Soup

Tengkleng is a mutton soup similar to gulai, but much lighter. I have fond memories of how my grandmother treated us, her grandchildren, to...

Empal: Deep Fried Sliced Beef

Empal is a fried meat dish made from large slices of beef. The beef is cooked in spices and then deep fried until it...

Soto Bandung: Traditional Beef Brisket Soup, Bandung-style

A traditional Indonesian beef brisket soup recipe from Bandung — Soto bandung is a clear soup cooked with radish, served with fried soybeans.

Rawon: East Javanese Beef Stew with Keluak

Rawon is a rich beef stew from East Java. This recipe calls for keluak, which gives the dish its distinctive black colour.
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