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Rendang Sapi: Beef Rendang (Beef Braised in Spiced Coconut Milk)

Our special recipe for beef rendang. The secret: reduce the coconut milk until the spices caramelize and the meat is a rich, dark brown.

Pindang Iga: Sour and Spicy Beef Ribs Soup

A sour and spicy soup from Palembang, South Sumatra. Our Pindang Iga recipe calls for beef ribs, and is not spicy when served.

Asem-Asem Buncis: Tamarind Green Bean Soup with Beef Broth

Asem Asem Buncis is a tamarind-flavoured green bean soup — a lovely balance of sweet and sour. Adding beef gives warmth and fullness.

Sop Buntut: Indonesian Oxtail Soup

Recipe for a healthy, clear oxtail soup cooked with carrots and potatoes. found in restaurants across Indonesia. A great one-pot meal.
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