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Indian-Chinese Style Fried Indomie ‘Hakka Noodles’

Over the centuries, Indonesia has been shaped by Indian and Chinese influences, and its cuisine is no exception. Padang dishes such as gulai, for...

Indomie Rebus: Deluxe Instant Noodle Soup

A more nutritious, jazzed-up recipe for Indonesia's top snack. Indomie instant noodles are easy to cook, cheap, and loaded with MSG!

Bihun Goreng: Fried Noodles

Originally a Chinese dish, bihun goreng is adapted to Indonesian tastes. This recipe is for the classic version, with prawns and beef balls.

Nasi Goreng: Indonesian Fried Rice

Nasi goreng, or fried rice, is one of Indonesia’s most famous dishes — and a popular street food item. Our recipe adds egg and crackers.
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