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Sambal Bajak: Ploughman’s Sambal

A cooked sambal recipe from East Java. Sambal bajak is traditionally served to farmers who plough the fields to whet their appetite!

Sambal Sop/Soto: Sambal for Soups (Vegan)

A sambal meant to accompany clear soups and soto, a meat-broth soup. The recipe uses few ingredients; the purpose is to enhance the flavour.

Sambal Ijo: Green Sambal (Vegan)

A staple of Padang cuisine, made using young green chilies. Sambal ijo (green sambal) is less spicy than red sambals and our recipe is vegan.

Sambal Urap/Trancam: Spiced Grated Coconut Salad Dressing

Recipe for Sambal Urap: a Javanese salad dressing made using spiced grated coconut, and eaten with salads of steamed or fresh vegetables.

Sambal Rujak: Sambal with Mixed Fruit Salad

Recipe for Sambal rujak — a mixed fruit salad eaten with a sweet and spicy sauce made from chillies, palm sugar and shrimp paste.

Sambal Matah: Raw Chilli Mix

A recipe for sambal matah, a raw chilli mix — an important condiment in Balinese cuisine, and eaten with almost every meal in Bali.

Sambal Tomat: Tomato Sambal

Recipe for a tangy Indonesian tomato-chili condiment with onions and garlic — possibly a long-lost cousin of the red Mexican salsa.

Sambal Terasi: Sambal with Roasted Shrimp Paste

Recipe for one of Indonesia’s favourite sambals, with chilies and roasted shrimp paste — it packs a punch! Known as sambal belachan in Malay.
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