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Tempeh Jalfrezi: Indian-Chinese Style Stir-Fried Tempe (Vegan)

Tempeh jalfrezi is a spin on the popular Indian jalfrezi dishes. These are usually prepared using a variety of ingredients including chicken, mixed vegetables,...

Terik Campur: Thick Coconut Stew with Beef, Eggs & Tofu

Terik is a traditional dish, especially popular in East and Central Java. This delicacy is made with chicken, beef, egg, tofu or tempeh. Sometimes...

Tumis Tauge Tahu: Stir Fried Beansprouts & Tofu (Vegan)

Tumis tauge tahu, or stir-fried beansprouts with tofu, is a simple dish I turn to when I don’t know what else to make. This...

Tempe Goreng: Deep Fried Tempeh (Vegan)

Tempe goreng, or fried tempeh, is one of the simplest and yet most delicious foods ever I've known. It makes a regular appearance at...

Kering Tempe: Glazed Fried Tempeh (Vegan)

Kering tempe is a delicious, crispy tempeh dish featuring fried peanuts for extra crunch. This was one of my staples during my university days,...

Semur Tahu Telor: Dutch-Indonesian Braised Tofu & Egg Stew

Semur is one of my favourite dishes. It’s versatile, can be cooked using different ingredients and has a wholesome, slightly sweet and savoury taste...

Tahu Tempe Bumbu Rujak: Tahu and Tempeh in Thick Sauce (Vegan)

A Javanese home cooking recipe. Tahu tempe bumbu rujak involves simmering the protein in spices and coconut milk until the gravy thickens.

Oseng-Oseng Tempe: Stir-Fried Tempe

A classic tempeh recipe, where the fermented soy cakes are cut into little cubes and sautéed with spices and glazed.

Tempe Bacem: Deep Fried Spiced Tempe (Vegan)

A recipe for tempe bacem. Boiled with spices, then deep fried, the tempeh can be eaten as a vegan, protein-rich snack, or with rice.
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