Tumis Daun Pepaya Jepang: Sauteed Tree Spinach (Vegan)

A dish of stir-fried leafy greens made using tree spinach, a vegetable that was introduced into Indonesian cuisine only in the late 90s.

Gulai Daun Singkong: Coconut Curry with Cassava Leaves (Vegan)

A light yet creamy coconut curry cooked with cassava leaves. It’s hugely popular in Padang restaurants in Indonesia and the Malay world.

Sayur Oyong: Luffa Gourd Soup

A light, clear luffa gourd soup — typical of Indonesian home cooking. Gourd is cooked with cellophane noodles, garlic, and mushroom bouillon.

Dry Paneer Kalio: Cottage Cheese in Thick Indonesian Coconut Curry (Vegetarian)

An experimental fusion dish, combining Indonesia and Indian cuisines. Cottage cheese is cooked in a coconut milk curry similar to rendang.

Pacri Nanas: Malay Pineapple Curry (Vegan)

A light, refreshing pineapple curry, influenced by Middle Eastern cuisine. Aromatic spices like cloves mix with coconut milk and chillies.

Tumis Okra: Stir-fried Ladies’ Fingers (Vegan)

Tumis Okra is a simple and easy stir-fried dish of ladies' fingers; it's slightly spicy, nutritious, and fresh-tasting.

Sayur Lodeh: Mixed Vegetables in Coconut Milk Soup (Vegan)

Sayur lodeh is a popular Indonesian soup, made of vegetables and coconut milk. It's a typical dish in home cooking and is associated with...

Sambal Terong: Eggplant in Tomato Chilli Sauce

Terong is the Indonesian word for eggplant (also known as aubergine in the UK or brinjal in South Asia). It is a fruit of...

Sop Buncis: Simple Green Bean & Tomato Soup

This simple green bean soup is light, easy to make, and nutritious. It is something I often had growing up, and is suitable for...

Kentang Balado: Padang-Style Potatoes in Sambal (Vegan)

Kentang balado, or potatoes cooked in a Padang-style chilli paste called sambal balado, is spicy and refreshing. It’s similar to telur balado and balado...
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