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Tempe Goreng: Deep Fried Tempeh (Vegan)

Tempe goreng, or fried tempeh, is one of the simplest and yet most delicious foods ever I've known. It makes a regular appearance at...

Telur Dadar Gobal Gabul: ‘Gobal Gabul’ Omelette

Have I mentioned that I love eggs? I never tire of egg dishes. It doesn't matter where they’re complex egg dishes with a host...

Soda Gembira ‘Lite’: Happy Soda (Less Sweet)

Soda gembira, or “happy soda” in English, is the perfect welcome drink for a wholesome party. It’s pink, fizzy, refreshing, obscenely sweet, and a...

Cah Kangkung: Simple Stir-Fried Water Spinach

Cah kangkung is a popular dish in Chinese restaurants in Indonesia. When you order it at restaurants, the dish typically consists of kangkung (water...

Bakwan Jagung Udang: Corn & Shrimp Fritters

On bright, sunny Friday mornings, I like to take a morning walk around my neighbourhood. Along the way I stop to watch dogs and...

Tumis Pare: Stir-Fried Bitter Gourd

Tumis pare, or stir-fried bitter gourd, is as bitter as its name suggests. When enjoying this dish, we always crack the same lame joke...

Baceman Bawang Putih: Fermented Garlic Oil (Vegan)

Recipe for baceman bawang putih: a convenient spice paste of fermented garlic in candlenut paste, coconut oil and sesame oil.

Orak Arik: Sautéed Cabbage & Carrots with Eggs

If there’s nothing in the fridge but carrots, cabbage, and egg, this orak arik recipe is the ideal solution! It's tasty and nutritious, too.

Indomie Rebus: Deluxe Instant Noodle Soup

A more nutritious, jazzed-up recipe for Indonesia's top snack. Indomie instant noodles are easy to cook, cheap, and loaded with MSG!

Sambal Sop/Soto: Sambal for Soups (Vegan)

A sambal meant to accompany clear soups and soto, a meat-broth soup. The recipe uses few ingredients; the purpose is to enhance the flavour.
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