Es Timun: Healthy Iced Cucumber Drink

A healthy, refreshing drink to cool you down when the weather’s hot. Quick and easy to prepare with all the benefits of cucumber and lime.

Setup Pisang: Bananas Poached in Spices (Vegan)

A sweet and comforting warm dessert, consisting of bananas poached in spices and herbs such as cinnamon, cloves and pandan leaves.

Tofu Skin Salad with Sambal Matah (Vegan)

An experimental combination of a Balinese sambal and a Chinese dish. Here, sambal matah and Sichuan pepper oil mix with sliced tofu skin.

Pacri Nanas: Malay Pineapple Curry (Vegan)

A light, refreshing pineapple curry, influenced by Middle Eastern cuisine. Aromatic spices like cloves mix with coconut milk and chillies.

Tumis Okra: Stir-fried Ladies’ Fingers (Vegan)

Tumis Okra is a simple and easy stir-fried dish of ladies' fingers; it's slightly spicy, nutritious, and fresh-tasting.

Bandrek: Traditional Sundanese Herbal Ginger Drink (Vegan)

A traditional Sundanese herbal ginger drink containing spices like cinnamon and cloves. It has warming properties and other health benefits.

Tahu Gejrot: Sweet & Spicy Tofu Puffs (Vegan)

A famous dish from West Java, consisting of fried tofu puffs (tahu pong or taupok) drenched in a gravy of soy sauce, tamarind, and chillies.

Wedang Ronde: Dessert Glutinous Rice Balls in Sweet Ginger Soup

A recipe for Wedang Ronde: glutinous rice balls in a sweet soup of ginger, palm sugar, pandan leaves. An Indonesian version of Tang Yuan.

Sayur Lodeh: Mixed Vegetables in Coconut Milk Soup (Vegan)

Sayur lodeh is a popular Indonesian soup, made of vegetables and coconut milk. It's a typical dish in home cooking and is associated with...

Mie Goreng: Fried Noodles (Vegan)

Recipe for simple, village-style fried yellow noodles — takes less than 30 minutes to cook. Entirely vegan and full of vegetables.
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