Durian and 5 other strange tropical fruit

There are plenty of common tropical Southeast Asian fruits that haven’t gotten the attention of the outside world the same way the durian has.

A Brief History of Tempeh

Tempeh has gained global popularity, especially with vegans. But when was it invented, and how did it come to be such an important staple?

Thai food vs Indonesian food: What’s the difference?

We explore how cooking methods, combinations of ingredients, and specific spices lend very different flavours to Thai and Indonesian cuisines.

Interview: Ida Merina

To realize their dreams and aspirations, or for the sake of a better life, it’s common for many in Indonesia to migrate from their...

5 European-Influenced Indonesian Dishes

During Dutch rule in Indonesia, European dishes were introduced, adapted to suit local ingredients and palate. Here are our favorite five.

Interviews with Overseas Indonesians: Hartoni Ubes

Photo by Berry Swandi.Hartoni Ubes, whom I usually call Oom Ubes (Uncle Ubes), was one of the students who received Indonesia’s Mahasiswa Ikatan Dinas...

5 Popular Regional Cuisines in Indonesia

Indonesia is a huge country, with 17,000 islands or more. Some of these islands, like Java, are densely populated and dotted with numerous volcanic...

The Sambals & Sauces e-Cookbook is here!

Sambal, the essence of chillies. Red, green, big, small, pounded into a mouthwatering chilli paste. I want it on its own, cooked with other...

A Glossary of Indonesian Ingredients, Cooking Techniques, and Flavour Profiles

As in most other cuisines, the names of many Indonesian dishes are simply short descriptions of what the dish is. Ayam goreng is to...

Essential kitchen tools for Indonesian cooking

It's time to cook Indonesian food! To get you started, here’s a list of cookware and kitchen tools that’ll help you make almost any Indonesian...
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