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Nunuk’s Sambal Dabu-Dabu Lilang: Manado Chopped Chilli & Lime Sambal (Vegan)

A chopped chilli sambal from Manado. This version uses lime zest and green tomatoes for extra freshness, complementing the coconut oil.

Deyana’s Sambal Dabu-Dabu Lilang: Manado Chopped Chilli & Lime Sambal (Vegan)

Sambal dabu-dabu is a popular recipe from Sulawesi. Hot oil and lime juice are poured over a mix of chopped chillies, tomatoes and shallots.

Sambal Tempe: Mashed Tempeh Sambal (Vegan)

Sambal tempe is a bold, vibrant dish full of flavour. The recipe calls for frying tempeh, then coarsely mashing it with chillies and garlic.

Sambal Kecap: Sweet Soy Sauce Sambal

Recipe for sambal kecap: an easy, spicy condiment of sweet soy sauce, chilies, and shallots. It is potent and devilishly addictive.

Sambal Andaliman: Batak Green Chilli Sambal with Andaliman Peppers

The signature sambal of the Batak people of North Sumatra. It uses green chilies and andaliman peppers found in the Sumatran highlands.

Sambal Pencok: Sundanese Spicy Sambal with Long Beans

Recipe for a potent raw Sundanese sambal made of chillies, lesser galangal, and garlic, topped with fresh long beans that add a crunch.

Sambal Embe: Balinese Fried Shallots Sambal

Sambal embe is a special sambal recipe originating from the island of paradise, Bali. It is not as famous as sambal matah, but it...

Sambal Cibiuk: Sundanese Basil Sambal

All over Indonesia, it’s common knowledge that the Sundanese of West Java love eating raw or boiled vegetables, known as lalapan, with fresh, fiery...

Sambal Bajak: Ploughman’s Sambal

A cooked sambal recipe from East Java. Sambal bajak is traditionally served to farmers who plough the fields to whet their appetite!

Sambal Sop/Soto: Sambal for Soups (Vegan)

A sambal meant to accompany clear soups and soto, a meat-broth soup. The recipe uses few ingredients; the purpose is to enhance the flavour.
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