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Perkedel Tahu: Deep Fried Tofu Fritters

Recipe for Perkedel Tahu, a deep fried patty of mashed tofu and eggs — a variant of the more common potato version. A protein-rich snack!

Stir-Fried Sliced Tempeh (Vegan)

This simple tempeh recipe is a stripped-down version of oseng-oseng tempe. Here, the tempeh is stir-fried with onions, garlic and chilies.

Nagasari Pisang: Coconut Cakes with Banana (Vegan)

A classic Indonesian sweet snack: steamed cakes of coconut milk thickened with flour and stuffed with bananas, wrapped in banana leaves.

Tofu Skin Salad with Sambal Matah (Vegan)

An experimental combination of a Balinese sambal and a Chinese dish. Here, sambal matah and Sichuan pepper oil mix with sliced tofu skin.

Tahu Gejrot: Sweet & Spicy Tofu Puffs (Vegan)

A famous dish from West Java, consisting of fried tofu puffs (tahu pong or taupok) drenched in a gravy of soy sauce, tamarind, and chillies.

Sawut: Sweet Steamed Shredded Cassava Root (Vegan)

Recipe for Sawut, a heavy, sweet snack from Yogyakarta. Shredded Cassava root mixed with palm sugar, steamed and served with grated coconut.

Tempe Goreng: Deep Fried Tempeh (Vegan)

Tempe goreng, or fried tempeh, is one of the simplest and yet most delicious foods ever I've known. It makes a regular appearance at...

Kering Tempe: Glazed Fried Tempeh (Vegan)

Kering tempe is a delicious, crispy tempeh dish featuring fried peanuts for extra crunch. This was one of my staples during my university days,...

Asinan Buah: Fruit Pickle Brine from Bogor

Asinan refers to fruits or vegetables brined in a solution of vinegar, sugar and salt. The word asinan itself comes from the word asin,...

Bakwan Jagung Udang: Corn & Shrimp Fritters

On bright, sunny Friday mornings, I like to take a morning walk around my neighbourhood. Along the way I stop to watch dogs and...
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