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Bebek Cabe Hijau: Duck in Green Chilli Sauce

Recipe for bebek cabe hijau: it involves boiling the duck, then stir-frying it in a paste of green chilies, shallots, garlic and spices.

Soto Ayam Madura: Madurese Chicken Soup

Recipe for Soto Ayam Madura — a famous dish from the island of Madura. A hearty chicken soup garnished with vermicelli, vegetables, and eggs.

Cager Telur: Madurese Boiled Eggs & Cabbage Curry

Cager telur is a savory dish of eggs and cabbage simmered in a fragrant spice and herb paste. The recipe originates from the island of Madura.

Rendang Ayam: Chicken Rendang (Chicken Braised in Spiced Coconut Milk)

Recipe for chicken rendang: a stunning dish in its own right. The cook time is lengthy but rewarding; it yields a unique, rich, deep flavour.

Semur Ayam: Dutch-Indonesian Chicken Braised in Soy Sauce

This wonderful dish of chicken braised in soy sauce is classic Indonesian home cooking! It’s a great treat for the whole family.

Orak Arik Jamur Tiram: Scrambled Eggs with Oyster Mushrooms

A very simple and quick recipe of scrambled eggs with oyster mushrooms — ideal if you don’t have much time. To be enjoyed with rice or toast.

Ayam Kecap Pedas: Spicy Soy Sauce Chicken

Ayam kecap pedas, or spicy soy sauce chicken, is a delicious dish of chicken cooked with chillies and Indonesian sweet soy sauce, or kecap...

Ayam Kalio: Chicken in Spiced Coconut Gravy

As mentioned in our rendang recipe, three dishes can be produced during the process of cooking rendang, namely: gulai, kalio, and rendang. Each dish...

Ayam Woku: Manado Spiced Chicken

Ayam woku is a culinary delight from Manado, North Sulawesi. The star ingredient here is chicken, cooked in herbs and chillies. The dish's name...

Rendang Telur: Egg Rendang (Boiled Eggs Braised in Spiced Coconut Milk)

This is the second rendang recipe published in our blog, the first being rendang sapi or beef rendang. This time we are doing egg...
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