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Terik Campur: Thick Coconut Stew with Beef, Eggs & Tofu

Terik is a traditional dish, especially popular in East and Central Java. This delicacy is made with chicken, beef, egg, tofu or tempeh. Sometimes...

Easy Stir-fried Shredded Chicken

When I saw the recipe for Balinese shredded chicken or be siap mesitsit, I was very eager to try it but just didn’t have...

Telur Dadar Gobal Gabul: ‘Gobal Gabul’ Omelette

Have I mentioned that I love eggs? I never tire of egg dishes. It doesn't matter where they’re complex egg dishes with a host...

Ayam Bakar Solo: Solonese Grilled Chicken

Who doesn't like grilled chicken? This dish is universal and everyone loves it! Every country, region, and even individual has  their own version of...

Be Siap Mesitsit: Balinese Shredded Chicken

Be siap mesitsit is shredded chicken stir-fried with aromatic spices — a Balinese favourite. An iconic recipe from the island!

Sop Ayam Pak Min: Mr. Min’s Chicken Soup

This recipe is a recreation of Mr. Min’s Chicken Soup, a famous dish. Clear, light and refreshing — the perfect comfort food for a rainy day.

Opor Ayam Kuning: Chicken in Turmeric & Coconut Milk

Opor ayam, or chicken simmered in turmeric and coconut milk, is a popular dish from Central Java. It is one of our favourite Eid recipes!

Ayam Goreng: Classic Indonesian Fried Chicken

Recipe for one of Indonesia’s favourite dishes. Unlike fried chicken elsewhere, Ayam Goreng is simmered in a paste before being deep-fried.

Ayam Goreng Kalasan: Kalasan Fried Chicken

This sweet and savoury fried chicken recipe comes from the Kalasan district of Central Java, and requires very few ingredients.

Telur Balado: Hard Boiled Eggs in Tomato Chilli Sauce

A quick, easy recipe of hard-boiled eggs sautéed in spicy tomato chili sauce. A clever dish that adds an extra dimension to the regular egg.
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